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Previous Pro Sport Experience: 

Jonah has 7 years of experience as a sport scientist or strength coach across all professional American sports. At 25 he became one of the youngest Sport Scientist in NFL history.


Jonah has held official positions across the following organizations:

  • Sport Scientist, Houston Texans (NFL)

  • Sport Scientist, Austin FC (MLS)

  • Sport Science / Strength and Conditioning, University of Texas Men's Basketball (Power 5 MCBB)

  • Cressey Sports Performance, Training Facility working with Baseball Players Ranging from high school athletes to CY Young Winners

Jonah has consulted for individual athletes or teams from the following leagues: 

  • NFL

  • NBA

  • MLB

  • English Premier League

  • PLL


  • Dual Bachelors in Human Physiology & Economics, Boston University 

  • Masters Exercise Physiology, University of Texas Austin

  • PhD in Applied Exercise Physiology, Starting 2024


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists

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