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Run Science Initiative

After working in the NFL Jonah returned home to NYC. Upon his arrival he was blown away by the size and inclusivity of the NYC running community. However, he quickly realized the latest sport science technology and methodology he had grown accustomed to was not available in this environment. Jonah was determined to help take NYC running through a sport science revolution.  

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Testing Methodology

The NYC Run Science Initiative takes any competitive runner through a FREE, application based, comprehensive metabolic and neuromuscular testing protocol including the following: ​

  • VO2 Max and Ventilatory Threshold Assessment

  • Respiratory / Pulmonary Analysis 

  • Near Infrared Spectrometry to Determine Local Muscle Oxygen Consumption 

  • Lactate Curve Analysis 

  • Running Ground Reaction Force Analysis Through IMU Implanted Insoles

  • Gait Analysis through Lower Limb Accelerometer and Foot Pressure Mapping

  • Force-Plate Neuromuscular Testing


The project​'s goal is to create the largest sample of NYC runners' physiological data to assist in taking local running performance to new heights. Runners will also be connected with world renowned running scientists, coaches, and athletes who are involved with the initiative. 



To support local runners, subjects receive a complimentary post test PDF report and 15-min review call to discuss the following:

  • Ventilatory, Lactate, Muscle Metabolic Thresholds for Training Zones Prescription

  • VO2 Max

  • Running Economy Results (efficiency)

  • Running Biomechanical Analysis and Foot Strike Pattern 

  • Neuromuscular Results (strength, power, elasticity, lower limb stiffness, any concerning leg asymmetries)

  • Physiological Limiting System Analysis (pulmonary, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, peripheral muscle oxygen extraction)

  • Endurance Training Recommendations

  • Strength Training Recommendations 

  • Race Pacing Strategy 

  • Running Shoe Recommendations (based on foot pressure mapping and VO2 analysis)

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